Prime Loops Urban Guitar Jamz

Prime Loops has released Urban Guitar Jamz, a sample library featuring 10 R&B, Hip Hop and Urban Pop Construction Kits with an acoustic edge.

Drive the coastal highway at sunset with the finest beauty by your side, sweet organic urban sounds drifting out of your car stereo as the waves hit the beach below. You are now tuned-in to “Urban Guitar Jamz”, the perfect backing track to a blissed-out love affair.

Let your heart sing as you work on combining and refining these crystal-clear contemporary R&B construction kits, complete with all the guitar licks, synth riffs, percussion patterns and bodymoving basslines you need to build a chart-topping instrumental, fully ready for the likes of Rihanna, Trey Songz, Nicole Scherzinger, Jason Derulo, Bruno Mars and Nelly.

Delivered in a selection of emotional minor keys, with authentic and professionally played acoustic guitars at the core, you’re all set to wine and dine as soon as you get back home. The drums have been polished in our top-level studios until they sparkle like diamonds, and everything is triple-checked for flawless quality so nothing can interrupt your flow.

Urban Guitar Jamz is currently available to purchase as a download for the Superproducer Sale price of £9.98 GBP (regular £19.95 GBP).

More information: Prime Loops