Pro-Sounds has released LD-50, a sound bank for Korg’s LAC-1 synthesizers on the OASYS workstation.

Chloridecone, Kasugamycin, Transfluthrin…Go ahead, try and pronounce them, we dare you! And if you think the names are hard, wait until you hear the sounds behind them!

LD-50 KLC-OASYS Edition is the same LD-50 set made available to the Korg Legacy Collection add-on (PCG format), but now for Korg’s OASYS hardware synthesizer. The set features all the sounds of the LD-50 banks split into 189 programs and 61 combis!

NOTE: You Must Have Korg’s Legacy Collection Add-on Installed on Your OASYS System to Use This Product.

The LD-50 bank is available for $24.95. A demo bank showcasing presets from the LD-50 KLC-OASYS Edition Sound-Set is available for download.

Visit Pro-Sounds for more information.