Plugin Boutique is offering a 40% discount on Process Audio’s Sugar audio plugin, a full-spectrum enhancer that is designed to add punch, thickness, depth, warmth, edge and grit to all your tracks.

Sugar is an audio colour palette based on classic tricks used by top engineers to achieve great tones. Professional mixing engineers spend years refining techniques and processes to create the magical sounds the public hears on finished records. Beyond straight EQ and compression, these top engineers use processes that can be complicated to set up and tweak and often require expensive gear to achieve.

Sugar is a shortcut to those punchy kick drums, thick basses, sharp snares, edgy guitars, airy and creamy vocals, warm mixes and wide masters, and much more.

Sugar features

  • 4 bands of processing (Low, Mid, High, Air), with 2 different colors per band.
  • 8 Colors: Thick, Punch, Warm, Broad, Shine, Excite, Yin, Yang.
  • Jog wheel blending knob.
  • High-pass and Low-pass filters for fine-tuning.
  • 3 Saturation circuits: Drive, Distort and Destroy.
  • Linear Phase Mode for the 4 band crossovers and the 2 filters.
  • Level Management to prevent bursts of energy.
  • FX-only switch in order to hear what Sugar adds to your sound.
  • Input/Output gain.
  • Works in mono, stereo and M/S mode.

Sugar is available for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX), priced only $89 USD instead of $149 USD until October 5th, 2022.

More information: Process Audio