Nail The Mix has announced that producer Andrew Wade will join the community next month as its first ever guest instructor.

Nail The Mix with Andrew Wade

Andrew Wade will accompany Nail The Mix founders Joey Sturgis, Eyal Levi and Joel Wanasek for the monthly live mix, QNA chat, mixing competition and more. Starting today, all Nail The Mix subscribers will have access to real multi-tracks from Andrew Wade’s actual mix session with U.K. pop punk act, Neck Deep.

“I’ve always admired Andrew’s work, and it’s such an honor to have him here on Nail The Mix,” commented Joey Sturgis. “This is a real incredible opportunity for the next generation of audio professionals to learn from the current generation’s greats!”

Nail The Mix is a monthly subscription-based classroom for aspiring audio professionals. Each month the Nail The Mix community has access to a bevy of educational resources including multi-track song files, a mix competition with prizes, a live mix “fly on the wall” video stream with chat, a live QNA webinar chat, a bonus exclusive community and a bonus subscription to the URM Podcast. Past Nail The Mix multi-track downloads have included recording files from actual Joey Sturgis and Eyal Levi projects including Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Vesta Collide and more.

A monthly subscription to Nail The Mix costs $19.99 USD. Sign up today to download and mix Neck Deep’s “Can’t Kick up the Roots”.

More information: Nail The Mix