Splice Sounds has launched Boi-1da Soundkit: Bare Sounds for Your Headtop, a collection of 216 one shots and loops by Matthew Jehu Samuels aka Boi-1da.

Splice Sounds Boi 1da

Boi-1da was 15 when he bought FL Studio – a decade later, he’s racking up Billboard hits and Grammy nominations.

The forward-thinking, sonically adventurous legend of music production – be it crafting beats for the likes of Rihanna and Kendrick or exec producing albums for Drake, now gathers his 24 karat collection of hip hop gold into a new sample pack. It’s the best you ever had.

Other new packs available feature sounds from Igloohost, Thelonious Martin, Jacqueline Constance and autumn keys.

Splice Thelonious Martin, Iglooghost, Jaqueline Constance & autumn keys

Iglooghost is a producer from the UK, currently signed to Brainfeeder and known for his eclectic and daring sound design, compositions and more. They all come together in a grab bag of glitchy and energetic goodies – dive in.

Effortlessly combining soul and modern hip hop influences, Thelonious Martin has produced for the likes of A$AP Rocky and Mac Miller. He recently created a stellar companion pack out of “The Fantastic Sounds of Jay Dee AKA J Dilla,” and now he returns with a collection of entirely original samples – experience Thelonious Martin’s distinctive grooves.

Jacqueline Constance is a Philly-based vocalist and songwriter who blends R&B and hip hop influences into a warm sound that’s distinctly her own. Her sample pack brings unique vocal stylings including adlibs, textures, beatboxing, and more.

Colorado-based producer autumn keys is known for his introspective beats, unique synth work, and immersive atmospheres. His sample pack brings a moody collection of downtempo drums, tonal loops, and more that reflect his signature sound.

The sample packs are now available to Splice Sounds subscribers. New users sign up with promo code yt2021 to get 1 month free access with 100 download credits.

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