Producer Loops EDM Electro House 2

Producer Loops has announced the release of EDM: Electro House 2, a new multi-format sample pack from Pure EDM featuring five Construction Kits designed to propel your EDM productions to new dizzying heights.

‘EDM: Electro House 2’ combines the relentless pulse of House with the exciting and energetic vibe of Electro, combining solid beats with bold and attention grabbing production and effects.

Buzzing pads and bass-lines stop and start abruptly, while arpeggios and plucks fill the space around them. All of the various elements are glued together by a super-slick level of production guaranteed to blow minds and speaker cones alike.

Inside this product you’ll find a vast selection of cutting-edge Electro House loops, covering everything from deep basses and spacey arpeggios to buzzing synth leads and side-chained pads.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Producer Loops / EDM: Electro House 2