Producer Loops Symphonic Hip Hop 2

Producer Loops has released Symphonic Hip Hop 2, a 6.2 GB construction kit collection from their content partner Bunker 8.

Bunker 8 is back with ‘Symphonic Hip Hop 2’, the sequel of their highly successful ‘Symphonic Hip Hop’. Includes 16 construction kits of astonishing clarity and depth are at your disposal and many contain 20+ tracks within them, allowing for detailed breakdowns of each construction kit.

Having truly redefined what is possible within the hip hop genre, Symphonic Hip Hop by Bunker 8 Digital Labs was truly a watershed product for the industry. Having myriads of fans/producers/artists asking repeatedly about a sequel meant that the sequel had to better/surpass the original in new/inventive ways. Enter ‘Symphonic Hip Hop 2’.

Oboe ostinanti passages, sus-trill trombones, lyrical woodwind passages, powerful cinematic slams, resonant symphonic horn passages, spectralized choirs, the engaging immediacy of this collection is only surpassed by its scope of use. These tracks can easily sit comfortably within a righteous urban smash, as well as providing the compositional focus of a major Hollywood blockbuster

Symphonic Hip Hop 2 is currently available as a download exclusively at, priced at £30 GBP (includes ACID/WAV and Apple Loops formats).

More information: Producer Loops / Symphonic Hip Hop 2