Producers Choice has announced the release of Artsy Trap Drums, a sample pack by Julez Jadon.

I hooked up with a talented new sound designer from Germany – Julez Jadon – He has recorded sounds from all kinds of crazy locations, from underground trains to clocks, shattered glass, underground parking lot, the forest and more…

Next, he took these recordings and processed and layered them with powerful trap drums, processed 808 booms and more.

The end result is a sample pack that is so fresh and unique, people have been calling it: “The Worlds Most Creative Drum Kit”

Artsy Trap Drums features

  • Powerful trap drums, fused with unique and rare recordings.
  • 109 sounds divided into 7 folders (808, Claps & Snaps, Hats & Cymbals, Kicks, Percs & Loops, SFX and Snares).
  • One of the most creative kits you’ve ever heard.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $47 USD for a limited time (RRP $105 USD).

More information: Producers Choice / Artsy Trap Drums