The Producers Choice has released the HD SSL Vinyl, a collection of drums processed with the legendary SSL 4000G analog console.

Ever wondered why songs on the radio sound so warm and full? Most engineers will print mixes to analog tape, then mix using an analog console to achieve a warm, punchy and full mix.

If you want the ‘analog’ sound without the time and expense, then use this drum kit to inject some warmth and legendary SSL sparkle to your mix!

HD SSL Vinyl features

  • 56 Warm Kicks, 29 HD Snares, Claps, Warm 808/Basses, Percs & More!
  • Over 100MB of High Definition, 24bit WAV drum samples. Easy to use in your favourite audio software or sampler.
  • Perfect for boom bap, hip hop or any other urban/pop music!
  • Launch bonus:
    • 50 Gorgeous Vinyl Drum Breaks/Loops (Limited release of 50 copies).
    • 20 Vinyl Crackle samples to overlay and add unique warmth to any track.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $34 USD.

More information: Producers Choice / HD SSL Vinyl