Producertech has released its new tutorial Complete Guide To Loopcloud 6, in which senior tutor Rob Jones shows you how to use the app to make music.

The course covers both the basics and advanced operation, so that beginners and more experienced users can learn ways of using Loopcloud most productively.

The course begins with a walkthrough of the app interface, to help cement the core functionality and basics of sample searching, before providing a quick intro to the player and the full extent of its reach. In the next module, Rob then goes back to basics with a slow workflow that builds up a groove by finding various loops, which are exported individually from the player into the DAW. He ends the module by showing the benefits of working in multitrack mode, where loops can be combined within Loopcloud to get further in the creative process before spending any points!

To further develop an understanding of the player’s multitrack feature, Rob embarks on 2 pattern editing modules that show how to create beats and melodic ideas, respectively, increasing in complexity as the lessons progress. These modules look at many of the editing tools in the player, showing how to customise pattern presets as well as create your own from scratch, and even start to delve into how to apply automated effects. Module 5 then takes this a stage further with a number of inspirational examples of advanced pattern creation, showing how the player can be used as a tool for making instant loops, whether they’re traditional FX fillers or more experimental, glitchy phrases.

The course ends with an example of how Loopcloud can be used to make more complete arrangements, when pushed to its limits! Although not something that’s recommended or certainly its intended use, it’s an interesting way of summarising everything covered on the course, showing some additional techniques for working in the player and also throwing in some bonus arrangement tips too.

The course is available for purchase at Loopmasters, priced £29.95 GBP.

More information: Producertech