Producertech has introduced its latest tutorial course EQ Fundamentals, a 10-module video series by certified trainer Rob Jones.

EQ Fundamentals offers 2.5 hours of streamed tutorials, 2 practice EQ mixing sessions, audio stems and DAW projects, and an EQ assessment.

Producertech EQ Fundamentals

As EQ is about shaping frequencies, many areas of the course focus on the composition of sounds, to help students fully understand each part of the frequency spectrum and what exactly it contributes to different musical parts. The course is peppered with a multitude of ‘frequency demos’, as well as practical production examples, to ensure a thorough grasp of frequencies is attained.Despite the plugin interface’s relatively simple appearance, every area of the instrument has a lot of flexibility, with oscillators providing sync, pulse width modulation and wavetable synthesis with just a few clicks. Dual filtering and saturation also offer a massive amount of sound manipulation right from the main window, with other unique features including a pump LFO and filter FM facility, all of which is explored thoroughly on the course.

Once all the key aspects of spectral content and main types of EQ have been taught, there are lessons showing how to EQ a number of different sounds in a track, both independently and with respect to one another. Sources shown include vocals, guitar parts, bass, piano, organs and other accompaniment. There is also a module dedicated to drums, which conveys some important considerations for EQing your kick drum, snare and cymbals, as well as the whole kit together on a drums buss.

A specific focus is also given to mixing bass, with a module looking at a number of different kick and bass combinations, to help with achieving the all important tight bottom end.

After covering EQ on the master channel, the course wraps up with a summary of the provided practice material, which includes 2 separate sets of stems, given both as raw audio and mixed and unmixed projects for a number of the main DAWs. With this wealth of material, plus a multiple choice assessment at the end of the course, students can be assured they’ll have everything necessary to progress their EQ skills to the next level!

EQ Fundamentals is on sale for the intro price of only £3.99 GBP for a limited time only (80% off regular).

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