In Producertech’s new Producer’s Guide to Thorn course from certified trainer Rob Jones, you will be guided through each part of the Thorn synth, to help fully grasp all of the unique features on offer.

Producertech Producer's Guide to Thorn

DS Audio’s award-winning software synthesizer Thorn has received praise throughout the world for its powerful, spectrally-synthesized sound and innovative design.

After providing an overview of the synth’s architecture, Rob dives into a series of lessons that explore the less conventional aspects, like its harmonic editing and filtering, sampling capabilities and glitch sequencing. He then moves onto the meat of the course, which is a number of step-by-step guides to creating a wide range of patches, helping uncover all the hidden depths of the instrument, whilst providing a wealth of useful sound design techniques along the way!

On the course, you’ll learn how complex patches like evolving basses, floaty sequenced pads and arpeggiated leads are constructed, as well as how to utilise advanced synth features such as FM.

Signing up to the course entitles you to immediate access to the 2 hours of streamed tutorials, as well as the 5 presets made on the course and a further 5 bonus presets from Producertech’s Thorn Dance Essentials preset pack.

The course is 50% off until January 7th.

It is also included in the DS Audio Thorn+ Bundle package, which also comes with Producertech’s new Thorn Dance Essentials presets pack.

Producertech Thorn Dance Essentials

DS Audio’s Thorn is renowned for delivering a powerful, unique sound whilst maintaining maximum ease of use. It’s sonic control and intuitive workflow makes it perfect for any modern music production.

Exclusively at Plugin Boutique, we have compiled this top-quality synthesizer with a fundamental, in-depth guide from music video course experts Producertech. This course covers every aspect of utilising Thorn in your music productions, leaving you with expansive knowledge on how to get the most out of your instrument.

Completing the Thorn+ Bundle is Producertech’s preset expansion pack for Thorn. Featuring 64 presets, this pack is an excellent addition to your soundset, providing access to an even wider array of musical styles and sounds.

Thorn+ Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique, priced at £100 GBP. Thorn Dance Essentials is on sale for £7 GBP (50% off regular) during the Producertech sale.

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