Producertech has launched House and Techno Groove Production Masterclass, a comprehensive course by Paul Maddox, focused specifically on creating the solid foundations for any dance music track, the groove.

Producertech House and Techno Groove Production Masterclass

With a successful career under a variety of aliases including Azure, Olive Grooves and Spektre (with Filthy Rich), Paul has a wealth of knowledge ready to share.

The course is broken down into five different popular styles: Deep House, Neapolitan Techno, Tech House, Disco House and Experimental Techno. Paul goes into great depth explaining the rhythmic and sonic characteristics of each style, before showing you how to build the grooves from the ground up. The videos are packed full of useful tips on programming, effects processing and overall workflow that will not only improve your ability to make professional-sounding grooves, but also enhance your knowledge of Ableton Live.

Accompanying the videos are the 5 groove projects for each respective style, giving you access to all the track setups and Live racks in the templates Paul creates. This means you can start manipulating or adding to them right away to have an instant starting point for your own house or techno track.

The course is available for purchase for £39.95 GBP.

More information: Producertech / House and Techno Groove Production Masterclass