Production Voices has announced the release of The Halfling, a fantasy inspired virtual instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Production Voices The Halfling

The Halfling combines both hifi and lofi samples to create sounds suitable for game composers, film composers, sound designers, music producers, pianists and musicians.

The Halfling starts with a Hobbit-sized upright piano and extends into a soundscape instrument that includes the spellbound sounds of a Hobbit or Halfling. The 4 stereo microphone perspective upright piano alone is the centerpiece in this sample library.

The Halfling is designed to be tortured, demented and beautifully flawed with throat singing samples, Wurlitzer 200A lid off, thumb piano, lo fi choir samples, wine glasses, bowls, pipe organ, toy piano, electric pianos and other oddities. All samples are new content recorded for this library. The samples are used as building blocks to create piano and soundscape oddities.

The Halfling features

  • Upright Piano with 4 stereo microphone perspectives.
  • Upright contains pedal up, pedal down, pedal noises, mechanical noises.
  • Advanced half-pedal control with catch.
  • Sympathetic Resonance with on/off and volume controls.
  • Sampled key up mechanical noises from the actual keyboard action.
  • Round-robin pedal noise samples with normal and loud settings.
  • 20 GB of sample content before lossless compression (12 GB compressed).
  • Includes 300+ snapshots.
  • Upright piano and choirs sampled at 24-bit/44.1kHz, all other samples are high resolution 24-bit/96kHz.
  • Pipe Organ sample set: Full rank and Flute rank.
  • Throat singing: Hmm, Ahh, Eee, Vowel morphs, Drones.
  • Extensive “Enchantment” page to morph sounds.
  • SSL emulated mixer with multi-output DAW capability.
  • Tape Saturation.
  • Custom IR reverbs.
  • Reverse samples.

The Halfling for Kontakt 5.7 or higher (full version) is on sale for the intro price of $39 USD until November 30th, 2019. The regular price is $139 USD.

More information: Production Voices