Production Voices has announced that it is giving away a vintage electric piano sample library as a gift this holiday season. Electric V LE features the sounds of a rare iconic tine Mark V.

Production Voices Electric V LE

It captures all of the imperfections and nuances that modelled electric pianos have difficulty recreating. Electric V LE for sforzando requires no expensive player to function. It works perfectly in Pro Tools (AAX), Cubase, Logic and any other VST or AU compatible host. Electric V LE also comes with 17 presets and a host of effects such as chorus and delay.

Electric V LE is the “Lite Edition” of the much larger Electric V for sforzando (73 keys and up to 27 velocites per note). It may say “Lite Edition”, but Electric V LE’s 12 attack velocities and 8 release velocites per note are more than some other commercial sample libraries!

Electric V LE features

  • Sampled 1980’s mechanical tine electric piano.
  • 16 bit 44.1k resolution samples converted from 24 bit 96k sampling session.
  • 12 trigger velocities per note.
  • 8 True release samples per note.
  • Includes vibrato, tremolo, chorus, autopan, and autowah..
  • Comprehensive effects section with reverb, chorus, amp modeling, delay and more.

The Electric V LE is available as a “Pay What You Want” download with a suggested price of $5 USD. It requires the free Plogue sforzando player.

More information: Production Voices

Production Voices Electric V LE controls