Prodyon Livemachine

Prodyon has announced a promo sale for Livemachine XL, a unique new live-performance Windows VST effect, designed to be used creatively on the stage, at home or together with friends for jamming sessions.

The heart of LIVEMACHINE is the eight channel recording-looper in where you can record phrases, vocals, effects, wav-loops and so much more in realtime.

LIVEMACHINE is somehow an initiator of a new trend – the loop-based music production, which is endless fun and gets more and more friends worldwide.

Livemachine XL features

  • Livemachine
    • 12 part drumsampler (WAV).
    • 8 stereo recording channels/loopers + Reverse Playback.
    • 8 Lowpass/Highpass Combifilters.
    • Variable Recording Length (up to 30 seconds).
    • 6 stereo WAV players (disk-streaming).
    • Resampling of every channel + effects in realtime.
    • Overdub function for endless overdubs.
    • 3 pages of input effects with reverb, delay, filter, distortion and more.
    • built-in morphable voice-controlled synthesizer.
    • built-in highquality FFT-based vocoder.
    • 2 stereo outputs (1 main out / 1 cue out with metronome).
    • vu/peak metres for every channel.
    • realtime click- and pop-free audio operation.
    • MIDI learn functionality for almost all controls.
    • 15 Realtime “Keyboard-Playable” effects.
    • Photorealistic GUI.
    • Support for all external H/W MIDI controllers that windows supports.
    • VST 2.0 operation.
  • Livemachine LE, only features the Looper/Recording channels and the Input Effects from Livemachine.
  • Livemachine FX, the “Input Effects” and “Keyboard Effects” from Livemachine (still in development).
  • Upcoming Samplepool, which will feature electronic loops, drums and vocoder-carrier sounds.
  • Future updates / bugfixes.
  • Lifetime support.

Livemachine XL is available for a promo sale price of $55 USD until 15 April, 2010 (regular price $129 USD).

More information: Prodyon / Livemachine