Prodyon Spacehawk

Spacehawk : The new ambient sound-set on CD / DVD for your favourite Sampler.

Spacehawk is a new Sample Collection with a massive 3 GB Library featuring more than 250 unique ambient textures and soundscapes by Dennis Lenz and Stephan Muesch.

This collection delivers you dozens of pads, soundscapes, drones, swirling FX, complex textures and a variety of string and synth atmospheres.

Spacehawk will be available in a wide variety of formats, like WAV, SF2, NN-XT, Kontakt, Giga, EXS, Akai …
Spacehawk is scheduled to be released December 2005. The price for the full collection will be $69.95.

Check the Prodyon website for more information, a 90 MB Spacehawk Demo-SF2 Package and mp3 demo’s.