Prodyon Phenome, free SoundFont player

Prodyon Phenome

Prodyon has released Phenome, a free multi-timbral SoundFont player instrument for Windows.

It’s designed to focus on getting ideas done quickly.

So it’s not bloated with features – just the essentials.

Phenome features

  • Full stereo SF2 playback engine.
  • 8 part/layer multitimbral.
  • Selectable MIDI channels for each layer.
  • Supports standard patch/bank selection.
  • Various interpolation methods.
  • High quality 8x oversampling.
  • Volume/panning & selectable keysplit for each layer.
  • Fine- and semi-tuning.
  • Built-in phrase arpeggiator with step/gate mode, digital filter with 6 modes, unison/widener, stereo & mono delay, and chorus.
  • Flexible polyphonic note-stealing.
  • 3 stereo (6 mono) audio outputs.
  • 256 voice polyphony (8x 32 voices).
  • Fully automatable and total recall.
  • VST2.0 compliant.
  • Low CPU usage & RAM overhead.

Phenome is available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

Download link:

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Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

WOW! This looks pretty cool and useful. Good to see something besides the synth-edit mono timbral offerings.

SF2 files just seem more manageable than massive sample libraries. And the patches load a lot faster than typical samplers like Kontakt and other samplers. Sf2 files are the next best thing to hardware keyboards in terms of patch load times.


Version 1.63 to be released in two days :)

ugo capeto melodic electronica music
ugo capeto melodic electronica music

Yes, it has 8 channels and you can get a pretty substantial library of samples (sf2 files) from the prodyon web site for free. My latest tune “Winze” is made 100% with Phenome.