Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on the Progressive House Kicks with Kiholm expansion pack for its BigKick virtual drum instrument, offering a 35% discount for a few days only.

The Kiholm Kicks pack delivers a collection of 64 kick presets crafted to boost any modern dance production, taking inspiration from popular genres such as Deep & Tech House, Techno, Progressive House and Trance.

“Buying kick samples can sometimes prove to be a bit of a gamble, as most have been pre-processed and labelled without a key. Therefore, it often ends up costing the producer valuable time to get the processing right and figure out whether or not the kick and bassline correspond well. And even when it works it might end up costing valuable loudness.

The goal of this sample pack was therefore not only to give you kicks that match the quality of your favourite artist or label. It was also to offer each kick in key, as well as to ensure a healthy relationship between the click and the thump. This ultimately helps speeding up your workflow and giving you more loudness.

All of the presets are ready to be used out the box, as they have been tested separately to ensure every kick hitting at about -6db. So for those of you who regard a powerful kick drum as the holy grail for any modern dance production look no further. This will take your production to the next level!” Kilhom.

The expansion is priced $9 USD until September 26th, 2021 (regular $15 USD).

More information: Plugin Boutique