ProjectSAM Symphobia 2

Time+Space has announced it is now shipping Symphobia 2, the orchestral virtual instrument from ProjectSAM.

ProjectSAM’s virtual instruments are used by film, tv and game composers all over the world featuring in scores for District 9, the Bourne series, X-Men 2 and The Fast and The Furious, to name just a very few.

Symphobia 2 is set to follow in the same footsteps with a brand new awe inspiring 33GB sample pool and scores of breathtaking new features

Symphobia 2 features

  • New and exciting Orchestral Articulations added to the string, orchestra and horn sections.
  • Massive amounts of fresh and inspiring Symphonic Effects with banks entirely dedicated to ponticello, flageolet or other playing techniques.
  • Exclusive Legato Ensembles with real legato transitions for orchestrated sets of instruments.
  • Better than ever Dystopia 3 section with processed hits, spheres, scapes and risers.
  • Brand new custom interface powered by Kontakt 4.1.
  • Convenient Switchable Mic Mode button for two microphone sets (close and stage).
  • Best ever Multis that allow you to play two, even three legato instruments simultaneously.

Symphobia 2 is available to purchase for a RRP of £999 GBP / €1174.99 EUR.

More information: Time+Space