Native Instruments has announced the launch of a special promotion on ProjectSAM, offering a 50% discount on newly updated Symphobia Series orchestral collections.

Explore ProjectSAM’s latest incarnations in the world of cinematic sound – suspenseful strings, heavy hits, and realistic performances are all possible in an all-in-one instrument browser with upgraded features. Bring your scenes to life with highly playable orchestral palettes cherished by composers.

Symphobia 1 lets you score dramatic tension, horror builds, and other on-screen thrills and spills with ease, while Symphobia 2 presents a whole new set of orchestral effects, exclusive legato engine, crescendo-decrescendo variation, and expansive multi-articulation patches.

Powered by the free Kontakt Player, the instrument libraries are on sale for 179 USD/EUR each until March 30th, 2022.

More information: Native Instruments