Propellerhead Software has announced the release of the free Reason Compact mobile app for iOS.

Reason Compact features Reason’s flagship Europa synthesizer, smart keyboard, note grid and chords tools, and export to Reason 10 or Europa VST.

“Making music on your phone has always required musicians to have either great skill or make compromises in sound, features, or flexibility—until now,” said Hanna Åstrand, Product Manager at Propellerhead.

“With Reason Compact you have everything you need to get started making music right on your phone. Start with an inspiring preset, lay down a melody with the smart keyboard, and touch up your performance with the note grid. It’s that easy—with Reason Compact you can make music everywhere.”

Reason Compact features intuitive controls and informative tutorials to help you create amazing synth sounds in seconds. Reason Compact is loaded with over 35 presets made by world-class music producers for instant inspiration. Capable of creating professional-sounding melodies, lush chords, and bouncing arpeggios with the touch of a button, Reason Compact is the ultimate tool for making music on the go.

Create unique synth patches with 16 different types of waveforms, then morph and transform your sound with the Shape controls. Add depth and texture to your tracks using built-in effects like reverb, delay and Unison effects. Export MIDI sequences, instrument patches and song files to your desktop and finalize your ideas with Reason 10 or the Europa VST plug-in.

Reason Compact is tailor-made for collaboration, offering support for Inter-app Audio, Ableton Link and Allihoopa so you can connect with other creatives and share ideas.

Reason Compact features

  • Create amazing synth sounds with Reason’s flagship Europa synthesizer.
  • Get inspired from presets made by world-class music producers.
  • Quickly create compositions with the smart keyboard, note grid and Chords tools.
  • Tweak your tone using powerful filters and built-in effects.
  • Connect Reason Compact to other music apps and collaborate.
  • Export your ideas and finalize them on your desktop with Reason 10.

Reason Compact is available for free via the App Store.

More information: Propellerhead Software