Propellerhead has released Jason McGerr Sessions, a downloadable ReFill by long time Reason user Jason McGerr (Two Sticks studios).

Want Jason McGerr, drummer for Death Cab for Cutie, to play on your next track? Might be a problem. But if you’ll settle for his drumming, his sound and his studio in ReFill form, there’s always Jason McGerr Sessions.


  • 450+ unique REX Loop variations, fills, lead-ins and endings, each with close and ambience version (Total number of REX Loops is over 900).
  • 2,000+ individual drum samples.
  • Three different versions of every drum kit. Can used on their own or in various combinations.
  • Two multiple velocity snare sample collections that include ghost notes, drags, and rolls.
  • One kick drum recorded at multiple velocities with a felt as well as a plastic beater playing both into and off the drumhead.
  • 18 Song Starters to help you make the most of the JMS Refill.
  • 40 MIDI Files to be used with any of the included drum kits.
  • 38 ReDrum patches.
  • 12 Effects patches.
  • 38 NN-XT patches.
  • More than 25 Combinator patches including various Style Kits and Drum Machine performance patches.

The Jason McGerr Sessions ReFill is available for download for 49 EUR.

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