Propellerhead Software has released an update to its best-selling Rigs series bundles for Reason 10. The Rigs 4 series offers three custom-curated bundles with popular new Rack Extensions, hundreds of presets, and hours of tutorials.

Propellerhead Rigs 4

Backline Rig 4 delivers an ensemble of realistic-sounding organic instruments, including drums, guitar, keyboards and more. Synthetic Rig 4 offers a powerful collection of versatile synths and signal processors. Explore a massive collection of legendary studio-grade effects with Mix & Mastering Rig 4.

“Each of the new Rigs 4 bundles is custom-designed to help different types of artists bring their ideas of life,” said Lukas Lyrestam, Propellerhead Product Manager. “Whether you’re a songwriter, a producer, an engineer, or all of the above, Rigs 4 has everything you need to create professional-sounding tracks.”

Each bundle in the Rigs series offers a collection of 30 hand-selected products made by leading developers such as Propellerhead, ProjectSAM, Softube, Expanse, Robotic Bean AB, Red Rock Sound, Selig and more.

Each Rig comes with three hours of tutorials from the industry professionals at AskVideo to help you get the most out of your new Rack Extensions, as well as hundreds of presets from top sound designers and pro mix engineers to jumpstart your creativity.

Save over $1550 on Rack Extensions and ReFills for the unbeatable price of $299 each, or upgrade your previous bundle for just USD $79.

The Rigs 4 series

  • Backline Rig 4: In a world of beeps and boops, stand out from the crowd with a collection of natural, organic-sounding instruments—from rotary speakers and soulful keyboards, to boutique amps and vintage guitars.
    • 27 Rack Extensions / 4 ReFills / 80 Videos / 372 Presets.
    • Featured products: Orchestral Sampler, Shimmerverb, A-List Acoustic Guitarist.
  • Synthetic Rig 4: Why settle for one sound when you can have them all? Create inspiring new sounds with an array of synthesizers, samplers, step sequencers, arpeggiators and more.
    • 30 Rack Extensions / 1 ReFill / 66 Videos / 507 Presets.
    • Featured products: Super Audio Cart, Umpf Club Drums, Euclidean Rhythms.
  • Mix & Mastering Rig 4: Whether you prefer a vintage analog vibe or a high-fidelity digital sound, the Mix & Mastering Rig bundle has everything you need to instantly improve your sound.
    • 30 Rack Extensions / 1 ReFill / 71 Videos / 345 Presets.
    • Featured products: Selig ColoringEQ, ModularRE Multi-Effect Processor, Softube FET-compressor.

The Rigs 4 bundle is available for 299 USD/EUR. The upgrade from an earlier version is 79 USD/EUR.

More information: Propellerhead Software