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Propellerhead Software announces Record

Propellerhead Software Record

Propellerhead Software has announced Record, a new recording software for Windows and Mac.

Record is Propellerhead Software’s brand new recording software. Record gives you unlimited audio tracks, world class effects and mixing gear, and a whole new take on music recording.

With an intuitive, straightforward interface and a hands-on approach to capturing performances, Record was designed for musicians – not audio engineers. This is recording done right.

Record features

  • Multi-core — Record makes use of extremely efficient multi-core audio rendering, making the software very lightweight, even with large projects. Record’s dynamic multi-core audio rendering improves performance without introducing any latency. It is future proof, making use of as many processors or processor cores as your operating system can handle.
  • Plenty of ins and outs — More ins and outs than you can shake a wand, baton or even a cane at. Got a multi-channel audio interface? With Record you can use up to 64 input channels simultaneously – and up to 64 simultaneous output channels. Should you ever feel the need.
  • Works with any audio interface — Record’s rock solid audio implementation will support any audio card with Core Audio drivers on Mac OS X or ASIO drivers on Windows.
  • Big Meter — Big Meter sits at the top of Record’s leftmost rack and gives you a detailed view of your input and output levels with plenty of different options for visualizing your performance, or for guidance when mastering your finished song.
  • 64-bit mix bus — Record’s mixing console uses a 64-bit mix bus, resulting in high precision channel summing for highest possible audio quality.
  • Reason integration — If you have Reason registered and installed on your computer, all your favorite Reason devices will automatically be available within Record’s ever-expandable, multiple racks. No setting up. It just works. Read more about Reason integration.
  • ReWire synth application — Use Record as a ReWire slave. Record interfaces with most audio applications on the market through Propellerhead Software’s ReWire technology. ReWire is a virtual multi-cable that handles up to 64 channels of streaming audio, as well as MIDI, sync and transport controls between applications.

Record is currently in beta, and will be available for purchase through your favorite Propellerhead dealer worldwide on September 9, 2009 at a suggested retail price of $299 USD / €299 EUR.

Note: Record uses a USB device called the Propellerhead Ignition Key for copy protection.

Visit Propellerhead Software for more information.

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REAL TIME EFFECTING…. thats da coolest part… but no VST. lets see

Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

I seriously doubt Reasons will ever have audio recording implemented! *Record* seems to be the solution they’ve come up with to add audio recording, for reason users.

It seems to be a Reason’s companion app for the most part. That’s probably why they made it, where Reason’s fx & instruments are automatically integrated since you obviously can’t use DXI and vst plugs.


GRRR. I hate it when a new app is announced and then after reading thru the features, it says that it’s in beta and won’t be released for another six months. Just keep it secret until it’s released. damn.

BTW, is Reason ever going to get audio recording? What I mean: WHEN is reason going to get audio recording? I hope this new app won’t be a crippled piece of shit like Reason.