Propellerhead Software has announced the release of the PX7 FM Synthesizer, a new Rack Extension for Reason.

The PX7 FM Synthesizer is a six operator FM synth for the Reason rack. As a faithful recreation of the popular DX series keyboards, it provides a wealth of new sounds, ranging from classic 80’s bass and brass to modern textures, leads and growls.

PX7 FM Synthesizer features

  • Six operator classic FM synthesis for the Reason rack.
  • 32 selectable algorithms.
  • Advanced envelope generator.
  • Includes tons of classic and vintage presets, ranging from 80’s bass to keys and brass.
  • Comes with a set of new, exclusive patches for modern music productions.
  • PX7 does not require a full understanding of FM synthesis—the macro controls make tweaking sounds fast, easy and fun.
  • Propellerhead’s online patch converter lets you convert any Yamaha DX7 patch to PX7 format.
  • CV control of operator levels lets you apply modulation from any device in the Reason rack.
  • Combine two PX7 synths with the Combinator to easily create layered sounds that never was possible with the hardware it’s based on.

The PX7 is available to purchase for $99 USD.

More information: Propellerhead