Propellerhead Software has released Record Drum Takes Vol 4 & 5, two new multitrack live drums libraries for Record.

Question: What is the key to that larger-than-life, big budget studio drum sound? Answer: Professionally recorded multitrack drums, played by a skilled session drummer. Record Drum Takes gives you big league rock and pop drums in a ReFill.

New Record Drum Takes

  • Vol.4 – Folk Rock Brushes – The Folk Rock Brushes ReFill comes as two complete folk rock-sounding drum backing tracks played with brushes. Both have plenty of warmth and character to the sound. Pite plays along at 80 relaxed beats per minute while Simris plays at 120 bpm.
  • Vol.5 – Dry Indie – The Dry Indie tracks all come with a sound that owes plenty to 70s production aesthetics. Their dry sound and tight playing sound make these drums perfect for songs in a wide range of Indie related styles. Emmaboda plays at 90 bpm while Lund chugs along in 6/8 beat at 85 bpm.

Record Drum Takes Vol. 4 &5 are available to purchase as a download for 29 EUR each.

More information: Propellerhead Software