Echo Season has announced the release of the Proximity Report soundset for the Dune 3 synthesizer by Synapse Audio. The soundset includes a collection of 285 cinematic sci-fi patches.

Echo Season Proximity Report

Proximity Report provides enveloping widescreen sounds teeming with life and atmosphere. Lush pads, glistening textures, sub-orbital bass and analog arpeggios are all waiting for you to discover them. Also contained are many cinematic sequences that range from dramatic tribal percussion to militaristic industrial.

SFX encompasses everything from a walking Mech (with lasers), to a pulsating warp core drive, and a landing dropship. In addition are 23 custom wavetables that vary from straight forward to experimental. Check out the track demo below consisting of only presets from Proximity Report. No additional sounds or effects were utilized.

All patches have velocity and modwheel assignments (and when applicable, aftertouch).

Proximity Report features

  • 26 Arps.
  • 25 Bass.
  • 26 Basslines.
  • 18 Drums.
  • 16 FX.
  • 17 Keys.
  • 16 Leads.
  • 76 Pads.
  • 22 Plucks.
  • 32 Sequences.
  • 11 Soundscapes.

Proximity Report is available now for $35 USD. Use coupon code spacedout2020 to save 25% storewide.

More information: Echo Season