VST Alarm has launched a limited time sale on a bundle of 9 sample packs from Prune Loops, offering a 90% discount for the next few days.

The bundle comes with a total of 41 construction kits, including 31 lead vocals, 429 vocal stems, 288 Wav loops and 1,140 MIDI loops.

A Massive Bundle of Vocal Construction Kit packs. Vocal And Beats all Bundle comes with all 9 Volumes of Prune Loops – Vocals And Beats. Perfect for House style music. Plenty Synth, Bass, Drums and of course Vocals to choose from. In the pack you will find WAV and MIDI formats for both Stems and Loops giving you more flexibility and potential when using its content.

MIDI files are included, allowing you to tweak each composition or replace any sound in the production process to feed your needs and track idea. By using the MIDI file format, you can also change the tempo, key signature of the whole track and even single notes in the file to fit perfectly into your arrangement.

The bundle is available to purchase for $22 USD until January 12th, 2023.

More information: VST Alarm