Jason Mythos is back with PSIence Sample Pack, a new pack featuring a collection of 50 dry synth leads and rhythms created with the Synth1 synthesizer.

The loops are suitable for Goa/Psytrance music, with all loops at a tempo of 132bpm and keyed in D.

Please note because the samples were created using both the Phrygian Scale and Mode they may fall into D minor and, in places, cross over as “accidentals” into other chords and note scales. This is just the nature of this scale and mode. At all times the root note is D.

These samples are 24 bit uncompressed WAV files. They are “dry” and designed to have reverb and/or delay effects added to them. As with all sample packs these samples are designed to accompany and enhance your musical productions and are not meant to be used exclusively by themselves.

The sample pack is available as a free download below. The samples may be used in commercial and non-commercial productions, royalty free.

 PSIence Sample Pack — Download size: 65.87 MB

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Check the Loops & Samples page for more free downloads.