PSP Audioware has released PSP MixPack2, a collection of five high-resolution, high quality audio processors designed to improve the quality of your digital audio tracks and mixes.

These processors were not modeled on specific hardware analog processors, but rather on the sound and features of many analog circuits, with the goal of designing processors that can assist you in taming the sterility and harshness that often plagues digitally recorded audio.

PSP MixPack2 includes

  • PSP MixBass2, a specialized low frequency processor designed to help you achieve punchy, analog bass sounds with your audio material.
  • PSP MixTreble2, specialized processors designed to extend the dynamic range, sharpness, clarity, and spatiality of a signal’s treble frequencies, and spatiality of high frequencies.
  • PSP MixSaturator2, simulates the way that analog devices such as tape recorders and valve circuits warm up and “saturate” your audio material. This is achieved by adding harmonics, dedicated filtering, and dynamic processing.
  • PSP MixPressor2, a fully-featured, high precision compressor designed to process either whole mixes or single tracks.
  • PSP MixGate2, a professional quality high precision noise gate that makes it’s debut in MixPack2.

PSP MixPack2 is available for Windows (VST/RTAS) and Mac (AU/VST/RTAS) and costs $199 USD.

Visit PSP Audioware for more information.