PSP Audioware has announced the release of PSP oldTimer, a vintage-style compressor designed for track and program compression and limiting.

Our goal in developing this plug-in is to provide a simple compressor that offers an exceptionally musical sound while requiring a minimum of tweaking. This plug-in is not based on any specific hardware, rather it is inspired by vintage circuits and is designed to emulate some favorite characteristics of such compressors.

PSP oldTimer is so simple and so easy to use, that it’s difficult to make it sound bad even at extreme settings!
This compressor offers soft and smooth compression in most applications, however it may slightly color the sound with its tube emulation on transients when heavily driven internally by high Compression values.

PSP oldTimer is available for the introductory price of $59 USD until August 12, 2009. It will then be $79 USD until August 21, 2009, after which is will the regular price of $99 USD (all prices exclude possible sales or VAT taxes).

More information: PSP Audioware