PSP Audioware has released updates for PSP sQuad and EasyVerb, including the release of x64 versions. Analog-style compressor/limiter emulation Vintage Warmer has also been updated.

Changes in sQuad v1.5.10

  • New: PSP classicQex, an extended version of the PSP classicQ with extra low mid filter.
  • PSP preQursor: now all four bell filters have a Q switch to engage steeper characteristics.
  • Double precision processing is added.
  • Automatic mono processing is added for reduced CPU usage on mono tracks.
  • Improper automation values in reference to control states fixed.
  • Various minor compatibility issues solved.

Changes in EasyVerb v1.6.0

  • x64 support for Windows systems.
  • Compatibility improvements and other minor problem fixes.

Changes in Vintage Warmer v2.3.1

  • Jumping meters in VU mode problem solved.
  • Other minor compatibility issues solved.

The PSP sQuad bundle is currently available for $99 USD (60% off the regular price of $249 USD) until 7 January, 2010.

More information: PSP Audioware