Plugin Boutique has launched a deal on the PSP Twin-L, a dual algorithm classic limiter by PSP Audioware.

The aim of this plug-in is to provide a wide variety of shaping options. The plug-in is able to emulate the main features of two types of limiter: VCA-limiters, which is a modern type of analog limiter, and Opto-limiters which are vintage optical limiters.

Keep in mind, however, that PSP Twin-L’s limiting algorithms are not intended to emulate any specific hardware but rather to bring the capabilities of both types into a versatile plug-in. It’s also worth mentioning that the PSP Twin-L is part of our series Zero Latency Processing plug-ins; no additional latency is critical in many situations such as live monitoring and managing automation.

Regularly $69 USD, Twin-L is on sale for only $49 USD until March 19th, 2019. The plugin is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats.

More information: Plugin Boutique