Touch Loops has launched a new collection of 130 live soul and jazz loops performed by the finest musicians in New York, edited in Sweden then mixed in the Touch Loops studio.

Taking the shape of live bass, jazz guitar, live drums and keys, each one of the royalty free ’70s soul loops in Psyche Breaks aims to become your next go-to selection for soul, jazzy hip-hop, sampling and inspiration.Authentic 70s soul loops performed by the finest musicians

Harnessing the power of a stunning Tascam T388 tape machine, each loop has been expertly mixed, preserving the soul and character of these exquisite jazz and soul samples. Primed for sampling, we’ve broken the sample pack down into single samples, plus a selection of the most inspiring combos can be found in the ‘stacks’ folder.

Iniside you’ll find Neo-soul tinged guitar licks in both a mixed & processed form. Classic bass licks tracked through a delightful Altec 1566a (Yeah, the same one that Soundtoys sampled). Tape driven drums grooves with authentic 70’s tones plus the liveliest of Rhodes & key loops that scream vibe!

The sample pack is priced £24 GBP.

More information: Touch Loops