Psychic Modulation has released Construct, a virtual drum machine instrument for Windows.

Construct is a drum machine with a sound design workflow based on layering, using both drum synthesis as well as sampled sounds for creating the various elements that build up a drum.

Construct features

  • 8 Drum Modules.
  • Multiple layers for each module: Transient, Oscillator and Ambiance.
  • High quality built-in sounds for the Transient and Ambiance layers.
  • Randomize/Initialize switches for each layer.
  • 3 LFOs per module.
  • Multiple Velocity options.
  • EQ/Compressor section for each Drum Module.
  • Drum Mixer for quick Volume, Pan and Send adjustments.
  • Mute/Solo for each drum channel.
  • Multiple Output routings per channel.
  • Dub Delay Unit for use with fx sends.
  • Alternate pitch ranges on each octave with universal Octave switch.
  • Universal Numerical Display for quick and accurate editing for most parameters.
  • Double Click Parameter Reset for all knobs.
  • 32 drum kit presets that can be accessed from the GUI panel.

Construct for Windows (VST) costs $34 USD.

More information: Psychic Modulation