Psychic Modulation has released version 1.2 of Aethereal, an ambient vector synth for creating evolving atmospheres and textures.

Aethereal has been updated to v1.2 with improved sound, lower cpu usage, and some extra features that make it better than ever. Also to replace the demo version is a fully-functional freeware version with a few limitations.

Changes in Aethereal v1.2

  • Overall sound improvements.
  • Added pitch drifting controls to each wave oscillator.
  • Improved delay section w/ feedback damping.
  • Updated filter section w/ keytracking.
  • GUI improvements.
  • Various minor bugfixes & improvements.

Aethereal is available to purchase as a VST instrument for Windows PC, priced at $39 USD.

Psychic Modulation has also recently released Metatron.

pm metatron

Metatron designed specifically for the KVR Developer Challenge 2009, is a 2 oscillator analogue synthesizer with an arpeggiator that works alongside a gated modulation sequencer for creating unique rythmic patterns and sounds. The oscillator section uses waveforms that double up to create a phasing effect similar to pulse width, but for each waveform. This along with a powefull unison detune section and ring modulator give Metatron a rich, fat sound. With the addition of versatile graphical envelopes, LFO’s and other modulation options, Metatron becomes an instrument that can create complex sounds, but at the same time keeps it simple without trying to do everything, making it a perfect ‘go to’ synth for one-finger basslines, rhythmic techno leads, spacey gated pads and other creative arpeggiated sequences.

Metatron is available to download as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

More information: Psychic Modulation