Psychic Modulation has released version 2.0 of its EchoMelt “Audio Melting Multi-FX” unit designed for adding character, texture and warmth to your sounds.

EchoMelt can create warbling “VHS” effects, swirling choruses, dubbed-out space delays, lo-fi saturated distortion and everything in-between.

More than just a “lo-fi” effect, EchoMelt can be used in a variety of situations, equipt with a very useful 5-band fully parametric EQ that can be routed before or after all other effects, or even used on it’s own. In fact, each effect section can be used independantly, and each section has it’s own dry/wet mix in addition to the main Master Mix. Each section can even save it’s own presets for quickly loading up specific settings at any time.

Changes in EchoMelt v2.0

  • Randomize switches for each effect section. Each effect can be randomized separately.
  • Single/Dual switches for Echo controls. Clicking Rate, Length and Shift will constrain the dual controls to one control. When in single mode, it will follow the Left control. So for example, if L Rate is 1/4 and R Rate is 1/8, switching to single mode will be 1/4.
  • Echo Input Control. This is the Input level going into the Echo. It works like a ‘send’ control for the delay. This can be useful for dub echo effects. If set at 0, no signal is sent into the delay. Set to max is full signal into delay. So essentially, this can be used for sending in bits and fragments of the signal for momentary delays that will continue to feedback even after the Input is lowered.
  • Load/Save MIDI CC Map. This new option is located in the main preset ‘Menu’. It allows a user to save their MIDI CC maps as a separate file. Normally, all MIDI learn settings are saved with the Bank. With this feature, a user can save those settings to load up into other banks. Or a user can have different sets of MIDI assignments ready to load up for different controllers if needed.
  • Chorus Melt speed can now be controlled via Melt Speed 1.

EchoMelt for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) costs $49 + VAT in EU.

More information: Psychic Modulation / EchoMelt