Psychic Modulation has announced an update to its “Audio Melting Dub Box” effect plugin EchoMelt3.

Version 3.2 includes full Apple Silicon Native support, improved sync for BPM Melt, and various other improvements and fixes.

A total reimagining of the original, EchoMelt3 takes the concept of audio-melting to another level. BPM melt modulation, host-synced pitch jumps, integrated one-knob Chorus, and spaced-out echo trickery are just some of the interesting features to explore. EchoMelt3 comes equipped with an EQ-Saturation combo for that pleasant lo-fi crunch, tape noise and a special Mondo control to drive the whole effect into uncharted territory. EchoMelt3 is a unique, quirky and wide-ranging Dub Box full of strange surprises.

Changes in EchoMelt3 v3.2

  • Fully Apple Silicon Native.
  • Melt BPM fixes: Tempo synced randomizations now stay perfectly on beat.
  • Added Beat Factor Mode: Auto or Manual
  • Added Echo Glide control.
  • Added Echo Mix mode: Power or Linear.
  • Added Echo Filter switch to turn Filter on/off.
  • Echo fixes and improvements; better sound overall.
  • Extra Presets included.

EchoMelt3 is available in VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac, priced $59 USD + VAT in EU. The update is free for existing users of EchoMelt3.

More information: Psychic Modulation