Psychic Modulation has updated the Phonec virtual “analog flux synthesizer” to version 1.2.

New features in this version include improved Melt function with new Tape mode, External Audio Processing (use Phonec as an effect!), improved patch system, new waveforms, X-wave mode and more!

Changes in Phonic v1.2

  • Improved Melt function with two modes: Circuit (internal oscillator based modulation) and Tape (post-delay outboard pitch-shifter based effect).
  • Phonec can now be used as an FX unit, allowing external audio to pass through the Melt effect as well as the Echoshifter.
  • Added Jump and Buffer controls to Melt panel.
  • Melt Amp can now go to 0 to turn off.
  • Updated patch system: click patch name to rename for easier creation of patch banks.
  • Added new X-wave function to Oscillator Combiner.
  • Added new waveforms: Peak, Organ and Cluster.
  • Added post-highpass filter after main filter.
  • Fixed Oscillator Sync not working properly.
  • Fixed CPU spikes when using Echoshifter.
  • Volume control is now linear.
  • Sub Osc now goes to 12.
  • Osc1/2 levels now default to 8.
  • Various GUI updates.
  • Various small bug fixes.

Phonec for Windows (VST) costs $39 USD.

More information: Psychic Modulation / Phonec