Zenhiser has recently released Psytrance for Sylenth 2, a new collection of Psytrance presets for the Sylenth1 synthesizer instrument by Lennar Digital.

Zenhiser Psytrance for Sylenth 2

‘Psytrance For Sylenth 2’ focuses its potential on a range of categories with 160 brand new presets covering the complexity of Psytrance. The hero of the show is the plethora of sequences, simply beautiful in evolution, these 100+ unfolding, drifting and pulsating sounds transcend synth rhythms to a new level. Included you’ll also find tight bass, warm chords, essential fx, percussive hits, evolving pads and stunningly wide synths.

Beautifully created, programmed and categorised you can focus on using hi end tools to create your masterpieces rather than endless hours of programming to generate one useable sound. This versatile collection of Psytrance presets doesn’t end there, 4 construction kits (song starters) are included showcasing some of the finest presets included in the pack. Midi has also been added to turn this preset pack into any Psytrance producers dream.

The soundset includes bass, chord, FX, hi hats, snare, pads, sequences and synth sounds. Construction kits with 31 MIDI files and 112 samples are included as well.

Drum and bass producers take a look at the Sundown – Drum & Bass sample pack, a fresh batch of sounds that fuses sublime synths with energetic beats.

Zenhiser Sundown Drum & Bass

“Sundown – Drum & Bass” really is in a league of it’s own, focusing on a more melodic, unique take of the genre, this array of sounds, loops, stems and midi is a gorgeous, complex assortment of samples offering a unique panorama upon the genre. A solid 3.4 GB of content inspired by artists including Camo & Krooked, “Sundown – Drum & Bass” produces a cacophony of sub low basslines, complex percussive rhythms, sublime pads, delicate synths and clicky fx. With 383 samples, 25 midi and a chunk of style this D&B sample pack will supply a new standard in sonic flair.

For the more advanced producer out there, you’ll have everything you need in one place to create awe inspiring tracks, whether you delve into the 60 individual stems or the painstakingly crafted full mix loops and all their counterparts.

A new volume of ’80s vibes is delivered with 80’s Cyberpunk 2, a pack that pushes boundaries and explores new avenues with a magical blend of Dark Synth, Cyberpunk and ’80s Synthwave.

Zenhiser 80s Cyberpunk 2

Inside the pack you’ll find a treasure chest of pushy basslines, synth heavy instruments, driving drums, beefy one shots and a huge collection of weighty stems. Precisely 6.6GB of unmanageable content awaits you, all robustly produced, mastered and tweaked to deliver an 80’s sound pack that is as solid as a rock!

’80’s Cyberpunk 2’ breaks sonic boundaries, with not only grit but an attention to detail that begs belief. The true momentum gained within the stems and full mix loops benchmarks this library too high to be missed. It’s the perfect accompaniment to ’80’s Cyberpunk’ or a standalone monster for any 80’s producer.

If you’re into Perturbator, Dance With The Dead, Carpenter Brut, Daniel Deluxe, DEADLIFE or Tonebox, then this 80’s sample library is for you.

Also available is Micrograms: Psytrance, a sample collection where basslines collide with arps, beats pulsate through synth heavy patterns and FX cut through mixes with perfect clarity.

Zenhiser Micrograms Psytrance

Inside the pack you’ll find 2.7GB of comprehensive content reflecting the quintessential Psytrance sound. Perfectly suited for all sub genres genres including Progressive Trance, Full-On, Goa Trance and Psy, this detailed smorgasbord of throbbing sounds projects your tracks past the 21st century and into unexplored territory.

Divided into sections including fully fledged stems, mix loops, individual loops, drum hits, one shots, midi and FX you’ll find what you need with speed and ease. Whether it’s solid inspiration or individual influences ‘Micrograms – Psytrance’ is 100% for you.

The sound packs are available from Loopmasters for £34.95 GBP each.

More information: Zenhiser