Bang On Tek’s previously released Safe Box is a utility that lets you backup and restore the EEPROM of your x0xb0x MIDI-controlled TB-303 clone.

Taking things a step further, you can now download a beta version of K0ntr0l. The software offers unparalleled functionality to manage the patterns of your x0xb0x.

K0ntr0l features a fully fledged library that allows you to quickly assign patterns to x0xb0x slots. Multiple files can be converted and imported in one go and the piano roll view of the patterns is fully configurable.

The software supports import of the following file formats:

  • Propellerheads Rebirth files (*.rbs)
  • AudioRealism Bass Line 2 pattern files (*.pat)
  • Phoscyon pattern banks (*.phptr & *.phptrb)

K0ntr0l is currently available for download as a Windows application. It requires the .Net 4.6.1 Framework. Mac OS X and Linux versions are in development.

Your x0xb0x will need either the official v1.05 or SokkOS firmware to use this software.