Pulsar Audio has announced a series of updates to its audio plugins: Echorec, Mu, Smasher and 1178.

The update brings native Apple Silicon M1 support, allowing you to take full advantage of the speed of the new M1-based MacBooks and Mac Minis, without relying on the Rosetta compatibility layer. The update also includes support for Windows High-DPI monitors, which means you can now display sharper images and increased text legibility, without the problem of the window being too small.

In celebration of the update, the plugins are on sale at discounted prices:

  • Pulsar 1178 FET compressor: 99 EUR.
  • Pulsar Mu tube compressor/limiter: 59 EUR.
  • Pulsar Echorec echo/delay unit: 49 EUR.
  • Pulsar Smasher uniquely modified 1176 compressor: 19 EUR.

The offer is available at the Pulsar Audio store and from distributor Plugin Boutique until October 31st, 2021.