Pulsar Audio, developer of the popular Mu Manley Variable Mu compressor, has introduced its new FET compressor effect plugin Pulsar Smasher, an extreme compressor modeled after the “British mode” of a uniquely modified 1176 compressor.

An unprecedented custom modification of the 1176 compressor circuit, the Smasher offers a unique texture that sits between saturation and compression.

The original 1176 compressor has 4 selectable ratios. But it just so happens that all 4 buttons can be pressed at the same time, this is called “all buttons mode” or “British Mode”. Although probably an unanticipated feature, this mode has become very popular because of its distorted, explosive and highly compressed sound. Think of it as something halfway between a compressor and a saturation.

While remaining very close to the original circuitry, this modification adds definition to the transients and makes the whole tone more aggressive. Decidedly not versatile, this effect is especially useful to enhance the ambience in drum busses, but many other creative uses are possible.

Typical effects you can get with the Smasher are the raw and gritty sounds of bands such as Vulfpeck, The Whitefield Brothers or The Black Keys.

Pulsar Smasher is optimized for low CPU usage. It lets you thicken up a sound with parallel compression and linked sidechain keeps the stereo image stable.

The plugin is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats and you can get it for free at Pulsar Audio and from distributor Plugin Boutique until March 11th, 2020. The regular price is 49 EUR.