TripleTech has introduced a virtual drum machine instrument that brings the sounds a rare Soviet era analog preset drum unit made by Estradin from Ukraine.

The original Pulsar unit has 64 preset patterns and 8 drum sound trigger buttons, allowing the user to add to the rhythms or record onto tape or modern recording systems.

Pulsar ES is an iOS mobile app software replica created by TripleTech, based on the EXTREMELY RARE Soviet (Ukrainian) analog preset drum machine called PULSAR.

Original hardware produced at the Elektrovimiruvach military plant in Zhitomir, Ukraine, famous for its Moog-type synthesizers (Altair-231, Estradin-230, Solaris-314), signal processors, and guitar effect pedals.

The Pulsar-ES is available to purchase at the App Store for $5.99 USD.

More information: TripleTech