Pulsar Modular has released the Pulsar 900 Series Modular Synthesizer, a virtual modular synthesizer instrument that is the result of painstaking analysis and detailed modeling of classic, large format, synthesizer modules.

Great care has been taken to make sure that both sound and operation is as close as possible to hardware modules. The innovative hardware accelerated user interface allows for arbitrary panning and zooming within the virtual rack, while interacting with controls. It is rendered at a high frame rate to ensure immediate feedback and smooth operation.

The P900 supports 4 different voice allocation modes for monophonic and polyphonic patches.

It has a configurable rack and a large set of installable modules: MIDI/CV Converter (1X), Oscillator Driver (1X), Oscillator (4X), Mixer (3X), Filter: Transistor Ladder/Diode Ladder/OTA/SVF/Sallen Key (2X), Envelope Generator (3X), Attenuator (3X), VCA (3X), Noise & Filters (1X), Ring Modulator (1X), LFO (3X), Sample & Hold (1X), Stereo Output (1X), Analog Delay (2X), Plate Reverb (1X)

The Pulsar 900 Series Modular Synthesizer for Mac (AU) is available for purchase for the introductory price of 99 EUR ex VAT (regular 149 EUR).

More information: Pulsar Modular