PULSE – bass mayhem for Kontakt by Stretch That Note


Stretch That Note has announced the release of PULSE, a bass instrument for Native instruments Kontakt.

Stretch That Note PULSEPULSE is the mutha of all bass modules and has been created for those with ‘issues’.

The idea behind this particular module was quite simple: to create a bass module that not only boasts some very distinct oscillators but also provides ‘layers’ to ..er…layer the primary oscillators with. These layers have been processed with comb filtering and some specific phase cancellation to provide acres of scope for layering sounds.

Married to this 7 oscillator facility comes a ton of warping and mauling tools. Ring, Scuzz, Chrome, Colour and so on, describe beautifully what the functions do and they came from a very disturbed place. And if that wasn’t enough, well, I threw in a detailed WOBBLE section for those of you that are into Dubstep. The rest is sheer saturation and distortion mayhem but in a clear kinda way…if you know what I ..er mean…

The Pulse library is available to purchase for $30 USD. Through June, 2012, a free bass module (LEWD or PULSE) is included with a purchase of the EPIC Series 1 bundle.

More information: Stretch That Note

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Stephen Harrell
Stephen Harrell

Goodness. These guys need a designer ASAP. That UI is jarring. Weird shapes and massive bevels everywhere. They should contact me. ;)