ModeAudio has released Punch, a collection of live hip hop drum loops and samples.

Smashing their way from the ModeAudio live room straight through your studio speakers, the 303 royalty-free drum loops included in this collection will inject your beats with the driving rhythm and resonant punch that only a real drum kit can deliver!

To provide as rich a palette of drum flavours and patterns as possible, we’ve split the loops into 4 categories: main drum grooves, featuring all the unadulterated power of snare, kick and hi hat, snare rim grooves featuring the smooth ‘pop’ of side-stick on snare rim, cymbal grooves incorporating the bright splash of crash and ride cymbals, and finally no hat grooves, providing you with the rhythmic backbone of snare and kick upon which to build your beats.

The loops are then split further into ‘straight’ and ‘swung’ rhythms, representing a huge selection of thundering drum inspiration whether you’re producing beats with that rock-steady straight feel, or an ultra funky swing.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £18 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Punch