e-instruments, the company known for popular Kontakt based instruments such as Session Horns, Session Strings, and Cremona Quartet, has announced its first iOS instrument.

Pure Piano is a professional multi-sampled grand piano for iPhone and iPad that puts the many timbres of one beautifully recorded piano, quite literally at your fingertips.

The instrument features a unique Morph Pad that allows you to explore a multitude of sounds ranging from mellow and intimate tones to surreal, cinematic textures.

Similar to an XY pad, the Morph Pad offers up nine core timbres of the piano. The “pure” piano sits untouched at the heart and centre of the space, surrounded by eight more presets for you to explore as you guide your finger seamlessly through the wide-ranging tonal palette of the piano. As you do so, the various timbres blend together allowing you to create your own sounds, and what’s more, the Morph Pad works as a macro control for the app’s inbuilt effects adding even more to the experience by way of ever-changing texture and atmosphere, all from just one single piano.

Pure Piano features

  • Interactive Morph Pad.
  • 9 core piano timbres.
  • Studio quality audio at ultra-low latency.
  • Extensive connectivity.
  • Standalone and AUv3 plugin compatible.
  • Zynaptiq QREV reverb.
  • 3-Band EQ and delay.
  • Save and load your own presets.
  • Flexible tuning options.
  • Customizable velocity curve.

Available as a standalone app or as an AUv3 plugin within your iOS DAW of choice, Pure Piano is on sale for the intro price of 14.99 EUR until June 1st, 2021 (regular 29.99 EUR).

More information: e-instruments