Puremagnetik has announced the release of Comput0, a sample library featuring a huge collection of Csound generated clips.

Puremagnetik Comput0

Comput0 is a library of over 500 electronic clips generated in the legendary Csound music synthesis language – which many argue “is one of the most powerful audio programming languages available to electroacoustic composers today”.

This vast assortment of looped synth lines, beeps, wobbles and glitches was compiled directly from Csound and programmed in Ableton Live and Apple Loops formats. Each clip is generated with in-measure polyphonic wavetable morphings – something that a sound design language like Csound excels in! Technical jargon aside, imagine being able to play simultaneous notes on a synthesizer while one or more notes switches oscillators, one or more times in the middle of the sustain portion – that is just one of the unique sonic features of this collection.

Ableton Live, Logic, Kontakt, and users of Apple Loops compatible platforms can immediately dig in to this unique collection of sounds. The Ableton Live version includes .alc clips, rack effects and Push ready macro programmings.

Csound is a computer programming language for sound, also known as a sound compiler or an audio programming language, or more precisely, an audio DSL. It is called Csound because it is written in C, as opposed to some of its predecessors. Developed over many years, it currently has nearly 1700 unit generators. One of its greatest strengths is that it is completely modular and extensible by the user.

Comput0 features

  • Over 550 uniquely generated Csound loops.
  • Beat-synced and highly syncopated rhythmic programmings.
  • Ableton Live macro programmings for Push-ready performance.
  • Advanced polyphonic wavetable morphings.

Comput0 is available for purchase for $17 USD and comes in Ableton Live Clip and Apple Loop formats.

More information: Puremagnetik / Comput0